Welcome to Tiny Empires 3000!

Tiny Empires 3000 is a massively multiplayer game that you play entirely in the HUD window in Second Life. The game is set far in the future, when the human race has spread across most of the galaxy. A devastating galactic war has ended, and the corrupt empire of old has been overthrown by a freedom-seeking rebellion force. The economy, badly damaged during the war, is starting to recover. Goods are being traded again among the various star systems.

You start out as a trader with a single transport spaceship, earning a modest living by delivering goods to outlying colonies and trade outposts.

The goal of the game is simple: Grow your trade empire by purchasing ships, joining a guild, gaining subordinates, and cultivating colonists.

Of course, you may find that friends make for good subordinates, and subordinates can make very good friends.

Join in the fun of Tiny Empires 3000 in Second Life with a free trial version.
[Dec 3137] Not too sad TristeBasset left his old superior Commander* JanewithoutTarzan of Alliance of Serenity and joined with I play TEonly of Alliance of Serenity.
[Jan 3139] Just Zule Ceres now controls a Starbase.
[Aug 3139] Trader GeneAntonnic now controls a Orbital laboratory.
[Aug 3143] La Calculatrice Vicky Adder now controls a Rocky moon.
[Sep 3143] Jansky Jimmy Timmerman now controls a Magnesium asteroid.
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